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perfSONAR 3.4 Released

The perfSONAR Toolkit, version 3.4, is now available.  This release includes a number or changes:

  • A new measurement archive that stores all types of active measurement data. It boasts a RESTful interface and significant performance improvements over previous versions
  • A new full install distribution, similar to the NetInstall, but all installed packages are included on the downloaded ISO.  This use case facilitates installing when networking is minimal or not available. 
  • New graphs that can display results from throughput (bwctl+iperf3/iperf) and latency (owamp and ping) tools on the same graph
  • First steps toward unifying the projects formerly known as perfSONAR-MDM and perfSONAR-PS into one development effort with the inclusion of the OPPD Measurement Point
  • A number of security enhancements including the enabling of automatic updates by default for all new and existing installations
  • Updated documentation at

A detailed treatment of all changes can be found here:  To install this software, please review the following options:

  1. Brand new installations may visit to get the latest ISO images. Please see for more information on choosing the right distribution and pointers to detailed installation instructions
  2. For NetInstall users updating from version 3.3.X of the Toolkit you should run "yum update". Note that all your data will automatically be migrated to the new measurement archive in a background process. See for more details
  3. For NetInstall users updating from version 3.4rc2 or 3.4rc3, run the following:
      yum update
      yum clean all
      yum update
  4. For 3.3.X LiveCD/LiveUSB users, note that we are not providing a 3.4 LiveCD/LiveUSB. It is recommended all users transition to one of our other installation types prior to the previously shared EOL date of April 10, 2015. For instructions on how to do so see
  5. Upgrading from versions of perfSONAR older than 3.3 is NOT supported in this release. 


Version 3.4 of the perfSONAR Toolkit has enabled automatic updates via the yum system.  This behavior is turned on by default, and can be disabled by the operator if they choose to do so.  There are positive and negative connotations to automatic updates:

  • Positive Connotations:
    • When you install a brand new toolkit or update from a previous version of the Toolkit, automatic updates will be enabled by default.
    • Automatic updates will assist in getting the latest packages in a timely fashion, without requiring someone to physically access the machine. 
    • All the packages on the system will be updated on a nightly-basis.
  • Negative Connotations:
    • Maintaining/securing the machine is something that can be ignored, every site is still ultimately responsible for ensuring things are updated.  Orphaned machines can become a serious liability. 
    • Automatic updates may download software that impacts configuration and operation of a running machine (from perfSONAR packages - or those upstream). 
    • As configured, updates will be applied once per day.  If a critical package becomes available after this cycle, it will not be installed until the following day.  Stay connected to the perfSONAR project via the user and announce mailing lists to be aware of critical updates. 
    • Some updates that require a reboot will still need human intervention. 

The perfSONAR team does not get early access to third-party packages prior to their release, nor are we perfect when it comes to our own packages.  Please see for more details on making this decision and how to enable/disable automatic updates.

perfSONAR UI 1.3.2

A new perfSONAR UI version has been released, version 1.3.2.  This release brings 2 fixes for BWCTL and OWAMP on demand tests.  Full release notes about this version are available at

More information about this software, including source code, packages, installation and usage instructions, is available at

perfSONAR Toolkit LiveCD and Live USB EOL Announcement

The perfSONAR project will be EOLing the LiveCD and LiveUSB products.  This product will not be build for the 3.4 release, and the 3.3 version will be supported until April 10th, 2015.  During this period of time the perfSONAR Project will be generating new products when a serious vulnerability is found, or when a critical kernel vulnerability is announced.  We will continue the availability of new builds via the user and announce lists when they are available.

Those sites that are using the LiveCD/LiveUSB can upgrade using this documentation:

Version 3.3 of perfSONAR EOL Announcement

perfSONAR version 3.3 will be EOLed on April 10th, 2015.  All users must upgrade to version 3.4 by this date, or risk using unsupported software.  For individuals who would like to have access to the historic RPMs, the project has created a "vault" containing last builds of project software from prior versions:

The Internet2 repository software (versions 0.4-2 and above for version 3.3 users) contains directives to enable this feature.  The repository package can be found in these locations, or will be updated for existing installation via YUM:

Once enabled, the vault will allow existing toolkit builds to access the old RPMs. However, it will not allow someone to install a fresh instance from a netinstall ISO.  To enable this repo:

    a) Edit the "/etc/yum.repos.d/Internet2-Vault.repo" file and change "enabled = 0" to "enabled = 1" for both repositories listed in this file

    b) Run 'yum update' to update the cache of packages