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perfSONAR Training Materials Updated

Posted April 25, 2016 - permalink

See the most recent snapshot of perfSONAR training materials: perfSONAR Training Materials (Ap[ril 2016)

perfSONAR Update & Panel at CENIC 2016

Posted April 19, 2016 - permalink

In Part I, "What's New in perfSONAR," ESnet’s Sowmya Balasubramanian, Brian Tierney, and Eli Dart review the purpose and features of perfSONAR, and will discuss the future needs of the perSONAR community in California and beyond. In Part II, "perfSONAR Use Cases," Balasubramanian, Dart, and Tierney will be joined by Celeste Anderson, director of external networking at USC, and CENIC’s John Hess for a discussion of perSONAR deployment use cases and success stories:

perfSONAR UI 1.7.0 release

Posted April 15, 2016 - permalink

On behalf of entire team we would like to announce perfSONAR UI version 1.7.0 release. 

The new version is deployed on the demo instance: Anyone having an account with their home organization that is part of eduGAIN can test new features by logging in using “Organizational Login” button.

If you have deployed previous version of psUI or you want to install it yourself we recommended to follow installation and update steps outlined here: Direct links to the packages are:

Both DEB and RPM repos are already updated with 1.7.0 package and you can update using your usual package manager (yum/apt-get).

The main theme of this release are UI improvements - now archived OWAMP and BWCTL measurements can be displayed in both directions on the same chart. Also included is a new logging panel which logs all user actions in the session. Detailed list is below:

  • Charts now can show reverse OWAMP and BWCTL archived measurements
  • Log panel with history of all actions in the current session (archive and on demand measurement requests)
  • Pop up notification on user actions
  • Blocking pop ups on errors
  • OPPD and iperf3 compatibility
  • removed support for deprectated MDM Lookup Service
  • Bug fixes
    • MPs that had registered URLs with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in sLS
    • federated user AuthN with some IdPs

Please report any bugs to me or in psUI JIRA here: or to perfsonar-user mailing list.

ENCITE Webinar on the perfSONAR Developer Effort

Posted April 12, 2016 - permalink

The Great Plains Network, in collaboration with Network Nebraska, OneNet, KanREN, MOREnet and the South Dakota Board of Regents, is offering another webinar in the ENCITE (ENhancing CyberInfrastructure by Training and Education) series on Friday April 29th at 11:00am EDT.

Andrew Lake from ESnet will give an webinar updating on the perfSONAR Developer effort.  To register for this event, use the following link:

The webinar is limited to 100 registrations, so please register soon. Recordings will be made available after the event has completed for those that cannot attend in person.