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perfSONAR Toolkit 3.4RC3 Available for Testing

A new release candidate is now available of the perfSONAR Toolkit. This version is for testing only and should NOT be installed on production hosts. This release candidate contains a number of improvements over RC2. In addition to the NetInstall option, we are now offering a "Full Install" ISO which contains all the packages to be installed on the ISO as opposed to downloading them over the network during the CentOS install process. We encourage people to try this new option. For a full list of changes since RC2 see our release notes:

For testing clean installation, all ISO images can be found here:

For users testing an upgrade from the 3.3.x line, you can upgrade with the following steps:

  1. Download (NOTE: this will work for both i386 and x86_64)
  2. Run "yum localinstall Internet2-repo-0.5-2.noarch.rpm". This will point your server at the 3.4 testing repository
  3. Run "yum clean all"
  4. Run "yum update"
  5. Reboot your host

For users testing upgrades from 3.4rc2 you may run 'yum update'. If you have an x86_64 installation of 3.4rc2 and have not done so yet you will need to run the following BEFORE doing the 'yum update' to prevent pulling down some problematic packages (see this email):

  1. yum remove centos-release-SCL
  2. yum clean all

Finally, to help direct your testing, please see our checklist here: As always, we greatly appreciate your help testing and hope this will lead to a final release soon. Our hope is this will be the last release candidate, so if you could please get us any feed back by the end of this week it would be greatly appreciated.

Please email any questions or issues you find to