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perfSONAR Events Calendar

Posted February 24, 2015 - permalink

A new calendar has been created to track perfSONAR training events - it can be found at this link

perfSONAR 3.4.2rc1 Available for Testing

Posted February 23, 2015 - permalink

The first release candidate of the perfSONAR Toolkit 3.4.2 is now available for testing. Note that this is NOT a production version of the code and should NOT be put on production machines. This version is intended to gather feedback from testers that we will use toward developing a final release at a later date. This is primarily a bug fix release so changes consist mostly of fixes and minor feature enhancements. See for a list of changes.

Currently you may test both a fresh install or an update from a previous version. You may test a fresh install by downloading the appropriate NetInstall ISO from Currently there is no Full Install image available but we plan to provide one at a later date.

If you want to test an upgrade of an existing host, you will need to run the commands below to point at our testing yum repository:

yum localinstall Internet2-repo-0.5-6.noarch.rpm
yum clean all
yum update

A checklist of things to look for while testing can be found here:

MaDDash 1.2 Now Available

Posted February 19, 2015 - permalink

The final version of MaDDash 1.2 is now available!  This version contains a number enhancements and features including (but not limited to):

  • A new administrative interface that allows authenticated users to force a check to run and schedule downtime for monitored services.
  • Minor visual updates and the ability for a user to enable auto-refreshes
  • Additional customization features such as custom colors and a custom list of links to external pages

For a full list of changes (and links to related documentation) see

For those installing MaDDash on a system for the very first time, see the complete install instructions at

If you are updating an existing installation, then you should be able to run "yum update" to grab the new software. Alternatively, if you are running on a host with auto-updates you should have the new version within the next 24 hours. All your old alarming data should be retained and the software should restart automatically on update. See for update notes such as how to create user accounts to access the new administrator interface and help for those that have custom Apache setups, etc. Also, note that if you have trouble loading your dashboard immediately after the update, try emptying your browser cache and reloading the page.

perfSONAR Deployment Trends

Posted February 19, 2015 - permalink

An updated graph is available on the "who uses perfSONAR?" page.

End of Life Announcement: Version 3.3 of perfSONAR & LiveCD/LiveUSB

Posted February 9, 2015 - permalink

perfSONAR version 3.3, and the LiveCD and LiveUSB products, will be EOLed on April 10th, 2015.  All users must upgrade to version 3.4 by this date, or risk using unsupported software. 

Those sites that are using the LiveCD/LiveUSB can upgrade using this documentation:

For individuals who would like to have access to the historic RPMs, the project has created a "vault" containing last builds of project software from prior versions:

The Internet2 repository software (versions 0.4-2 and above for version 3.3 users) contains directives to enable this feature.  The repository package can be found in these locations, or will be updated for existing installation via YUM:

Once enabled, the vault will allow existing toolkit builds to access the old RPMs. However, it will not allow someone to install a fresh instance from a netinstall ISO.  To enable this repo:

    a) Edit the "/etc/yum.repos.d/Internet2-Vault.repo" file and change "enabled = 0" to "enabled = 1" for both repositories listed in this file

    b) Run 'yum update' to update the cache of packages