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New psUI release: 1.5.0

Posted April 21, 2015 - permalink

This new version mainly brings in the psUI the usage of the esmond Measurement Archive. You can now query more perfSONAR nodes containing archived measurement from within the psUI.  A few other features and bug fixes are also included.

Release notes for this version, with the full list of fixed issues, are available at:

The new packages are posted to the perfSONAR GEANT stable and testing repositories, for Debian 7 and RHEL6.  See for usage.  Alternatively, the packages can be downloaded directly from

An updated user guide for this version will be shortly available at

The GEANT community psUI at will be soon upgraded to this new version.

End of Life Announcement: Version 3.3 of perfSONAR & LiveCD/LiveUSB

Posted April 10, 2015 - permalink

perfSONAR version 3.3, and the LiveCD and LiveUSB products, are now EOLed.  All users should upgrade immediately, no additional updates will be available for the 3.3.x release.  

Those sites that are using the LiveCD/LiveUSB can upgrade using this documentation:

For individuals who would like to have access to the historic RPMs, the project has created a "vault" containing last builds of project software from prior versions:

The Internet2 repository software (versions 0.4-2 and above for version 3.3 users) contains directives to enable this feature.  The repository package can be found in these locations, or will be updated for existing installation via YUM:

Once enabled, the vault will allow existing toolkit builds to access the old RPMs. However, it will not allow someone to install a fresh instance from a netinstall ISO.  To enable this repo:

    a) Edit the "/etc/yum.repos.d/Internet2-Vault.repo" file and change "enabled = 0" to "enabled = 1" for both repositories listed in this file

    b) Run 'yum update' to update the cache of packages

perfSONAR 3.4.2 Now Available

Posted March 24, 2015 - permalink

The final release of perfSONAR 3.4.2 is now available. This is a bug fix release with a few minor enhancements. Notable features and changes include:

  • BWCTL graphs now show test failures as red dots on the graph. This should make it easier to distinguish between cases where no test was run versus a test tried to run but failed.
  • The amount of installed memory is now shown in the Toolkit main page. This makes it easier to debug issues caused by a system below the recommended memory requirements of 4GB . Hosts under this recommended amount will have this field highlighted in red.
  • A number of fixes to the regular_testing daemon to prevent issues with data files, configuration files and logs from filling disks.
  • Continues to include latest BWCTL (1.5.4) and iperf3 (3.0.11) software
  • Many more updates that  can be found in the full release notes here:

Existing users that have auto-updates configured should download the changes in the next 24 hours. Those without auto-updates can run 'yum update' by hand to get the latest version. It is recommended all users reboot their host after this update. This not only ensures all updated services are running, but that any recently downloaded kernel patches and security fixes are applied. No other special steps are required for upgrade and all of your data prior to update should be retained. Please let us know if that is not the case.

Special Note for RC Testers: If you are upgrading from 3.4.2rc1 auto-updates should migrate you back to the main repository eventually but it may take an extra day. If you want to do this update by hand run "yum update", followed by "yum clean all", and then "yum update" again. After that, perform a reboot. These extra steps are required to point an installation back at the primary yum repository (instead of the testing repository). You may not have any package updates since the last commit to the testing branch became the final release.

For new installers, you may get our NetInstall or FullInstall ISOs here:

For more information on the installation and configuration see

perfSONAR Now on Github

Posted March 23, 2015 - permalink

For the past few years perfSONAR has kept some combination of it's wiki, issue tracker and source code on Google Code. As some of you may have heard, Google Code will be shutting down later this year and all projects need to migrate elsewhere. In light of this announcement, we are pleased to announce that the perfSONAR project has officially migrated to GitHub! Relevant links below:

- The full listing of perfSONAR repositories currently managed under our GitHub organization can be found here:
- Any issue you wish to report may be directed to the issue tracker here:
- The developer wiki may be found here:

Please update your bookmarks, etc as needed. We'll do our best to keep our eye on the old issue tracker while this information disseminates amongst the masses, but if you don't want your issue missed the best bet is to use the new issue tracker. Also note that we did some spring-cleaning on the wiki and have deleted (or are in the process of moving) a few pages to more suitable locations (e.g. If you have any trouble finding information that used to be on the old wiki, please let us know and we'll try to direct you to the right place. Over the coming months the page will become read-only and then be gone entirely, so take any screenshots for your scrapbook soon!