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TNC 2016 BoF: perfSONAR on Low-Cost Hardware

Posted May 17, 2016 - permalink

perfSONAR is a well-known monitoring and measurement tool in the global community that enables seamless troubleshooting over multiple domains. For about a year now, different perfSONAR teams have experimented, with good results, on running perfSONAR on small and inexpensive devices. The goal of this session is to give an update on the perfSONAR project, and introduce perfSONAR on low cost hardware.
This also has a wider scope of bringing this subject and its benefits to the European R&E and networking community, following on the success in the global perfSONAR user base. TNC is well-attended by members of not only the GÉANT community, but also members of wider R&E community, and commercial participants as well, making it an ideal showcase for this project. There will also be an opportunity to use and experiment with some of the small nodes by attendees themselves.

Intended audience: network engineers, network managers, service managers, basically anybody interested in monitoring and troubleshooting their networks - whether representing NRENs, or end-users like network team from a university etc.

RedHat CVE and New CentOS Kernel

Posted May 7, 2016 - permalink

Last night marked the release of a new Red Hat CVE:

A 'yum update' may give you a new non-web100 kernel and therefore break access to NDT/NPAD. Consult our FAQ for more info:

Our read of the CVE does not find any issue of concern specific to the toolkit. It’s possible the host may be vulnerable to some types of DoS attacks in some particular cases. If you are in doubt about your kernel, feel free to review the CVE, upgrade to the latest version, and forgo NDT/NPAD support for the time being. We are in the process of building and testing a new kernel, and will alert you when we have our web100 patched version available. We'll try to have it ready as soon as possible. 

perfSONAR Training Materials Updated

Posted April 25, 2016 - permalink

See the most recent snapshot of perfSONAR training materials: perfSONAR Training Materials (Ap[ril 2016)

perfSONAR Update & Panel at CENIC 2016

Posted April 19, 2016 - permalink

In Part I, "What's New in perfSONAR," ESnet’s Sowmya Balasubramanian, Brian Tierney, and Eli Dart review the purpose and features of perfSONAR, and will discuss the future needs of the perSONAR community in California and beyond. In Part II, "perfSONAR Use Cases," Balasubramanian, Dart, and Tierney will be joined by Celeste Anderson, director of external networking at USC, and CENIC’s John Hess for a discussion of perSONAR deployment use cases and success stories: