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perfSONAR User Survey

The perfSONAR team would like solicit feedback from the community in the form of two short surveys.  This set of questions is designed to help the perfSONAR collaboration prioritize future directions. Please respond by August 29, 2014 if possible. The survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

perfSONAR Technical Survey

perfSONAR Strategic Survey

perfSONAR Requirements Gathering Process

Several organizations, including Internet2, ESnet, Indiana University, and GÉANT, develop and maintain the perfSONAR tool suite as an open source project to the general benefit of the US and global Research and Education community.

In recent years, perfSONAR has grown organically and in small steps in direct response to specific user requests. Going forward, the perfSONAR collaborators are interested in doing an annual formal requirements process. This requirements gathering process includes:

  • strategic surveys to the chief stakeholders (e.g.: Campus CIOs)
  • technical surveys to the perfSONAR user and deployment communities
  • working group meetings online and at various meetings (such as NSF-sponsored perfSONAR workshops)

perfSONAR Toolkit 3.4RC2 Available for Testing

A new release candidate is available for the next major version of the perfSONAR Toolkit. This release has a major overhaul of several components, and the project needs help in testing. This version of the toolkit is still in the beta phase and SHOULD NOT be placed on production measurement hosts. Production hosts should continue to use 3.3.2. We are making 3.4RC2  available to those with spare hosts that they can use for testing with a goal of a final release in the coming months.

This version contains many new features, see the Version 3.4 RC2 Release Notes

Currently 3.4RC2 is only available to NetInstall users of the toolkit. ISO images for fresh installs can be found here:

For users testing an upgrade from the 3.4RC1, you may run "yum update" and then reboot your host.

For users testing an upgrade from the 3.3.x line, you can upgrade with the following steps:

  1. Download (NOTE: this will work for both i386 and x86_64)
  2. Run "yum localinstall Internet2-repo-0.5-2.noarch.rpm". This will point your server at the 3.4 testing repository
  3. Run "yum clean all"
  4. Run "yum update"
  5. Reboot your host

It would be appreciated if all testers take a few moments to run through our testing checklist found at

Thanks ahead of time to everyone that is able to test. The more issues we found now, the better the final release will be so all help is greatly appreciated. Please email any questions or issues you find to