Where can it be downloaded?

Software License

More information on software licensing can be found here.

Downloading perfSONAR

There are a number of different perfSONAR installation bundles, depending on the use case. The most common, and simplest, way to deploy perfSONAR is using the "perfSONAR Toolkit" (  This is a perfSONAR bundle that includes CentOS, and is meant to be installed on a dedicated host. This use case is meant to be installed to the machine's hard drive, like other Linux distributions.  The following flowchart was designed to help pick an option:

perfSONAR Bundle Flow Chart.v3.pdf (312.3 KB)

Other installation options include:

Dashboard Software

MaDDash, the visualization of perfSONAR data between participating hosts, is available on GITHub:

Documentation related to installation is also available:

The issue tracker is available here:

Visualization Software

perfSONAR UI is a client that visualizes perfSONAR data.  It is written in Java, and can be used from many different platforms. 

Additional Information

Release Notes are available for past releases of perfSONAR. 

A comprehensive installation guide is available for the toolkit bundle at this location:

perfSONAR Toolkit Installation Guide

Individual perfSONAR packages are also available via the software website:

This web page contains instructions on how to enable the yum tool for automated package management.  RPMs may also be downloaded directory for specific operations systems and architectures.  Note that perfSONAR project only supports CentOS 6 x86 and x86_64 architectures currently

Source code can be found in the project's GitHub repository: