Where can it be downloaded?

Software License

More information on software licensing can be found here.

Downloading perfSONAR

There are a number of different perfSONAR installation bundles, depending on the use case. The most common, and simplest, way to deploy perfSONAR is using the "perfSONAR Toolkit" (  This is a perfSONAR bundle that includes CentOS, and is meant to be installed on a dedicated host. This use case is meant to be installed to the machine's hard drive, like other Linux distributions.

Other installation options are also possible:

Dashboard Software

MaDDash, the visualization of perfSONAR data between participating hosts, is available on GITHub:

Documentation related to installation is also available:

The issue tracker is available here:

Visualization Software

perfSONAR UI is a client that visualizes perfSONAR data.  It is written in Java, and can be used from many different platforms. 

Additional Information

A comprehensive installation and user guide is available for perfSONAR at this location:

Source code can be found in the project's GitHub repository: