Who is deploying perfSONAR?

Finding perfSONAR Hosts

The perfSONAR Directory can be used see all perfSONAR hosts on a map, and  find a perfSONAR installation, based on the name, address, or community that has deployed one (image last updated August 2015).

Download Image (462.4 KB)

As of August 2015, perfSONAR tools are deployed on approximately 1400 hosts, on more than 300 domains around the world and are a vital part of solicitations such as the NSF CC-DNI and IRNC.  The perfSONAR project has tracked deployment for a number of years, and it can be represented in the following growth curve (last updated August 2015):

20150817-pSDeployments (326.4 KB)

The perfSONAR project has also tracked the upgrade curve between the previous release (3.3) and the current release (3.4).  This can be seen below (last updated December 2014):

perfSONAR Growth Chart (311.8 KB)

An updated curve, showing the impact of automatic software updates between version 3.4.* and 3.4.2 can be seen below (last updated May 2015):

20150504-Deployment-Trend.png (157.5 KB)