Installation & Configuration

perfSONAR Documentation

All documentation for the perfSONAR software can be found at

Installation Options

All perfSONAR installation options are enumerated at this location:

As a reminder, there are 5 primary bundles:

  • perfsonar-tools: This bundle includes all command line and measurement tools used by perfSONAR. These tools are useful for network testing and troubleshooting in general, and we recommend you install these tools on any host where you need to maximize network performance, such as a Data Transfer Node.  This package does not include any visualization or automation packages.  
  • perfsonar-testpoint: This bundle is targeted at organizations that run a centrally managed test mesh and use a central measurement archive. It contains all perfSONAR tools as in the "perfsonar-tools" bundle, including those to publish the location of these services to the perfSONAR Simple Lookup Service and to run automated scheduled measurements. This is also the bundle to use on low-end hardware.
  • perfsonar-core: The perfsonar-core install includes everything in the perfsonar-testpoint install plus the measurement archive (a mechanism to store measurements).
  • perfsonar-toolkit: This is the full set of perfSONAR packages Toolkit distribution. It includes everything in perfsonar-core and also contains web interfaces and Toolkit configuration. This provides an option for installing these packages without using the Toolkit ISO.
  • perfsonar-centralmanagement: The perfsonar-centralmanagement bundle installs the central mesh config, Maddash, centralized config service and the autoconfig.

This flowchart was created to help pick the correct option: