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Usage Examples

Retrieve link utilization on a given path

perfSONARUI can display the link utilization on all links of a given path. It makes it possible to find, easily, the origin of congestion that may cause performance problems. perfSONARUI retrieves the link utilization information from perfSONAR Measurement Archives (MAs) that can export information stored in Round-Robin Databases (RRDs). These so called RRD-MAs must be deployed in all networks of the path being monitored so that the utilization can be displayed for all crossed links.

To exchange your link utilization, install RRD-MA

To view the link utilization for a path, launch perfSONARUI

Easily publish the information you collect

The perfSONAR Lookup Service (LS) makes it possible to clearly describe the perfSONAR services that you have deployed and the network characteristics you are publishing. The LS is the entry point for the perfSONAR monitoring applications: they first ask the LS where they can fetch the information requested, and then they query the services reported by the LS.

The Lookup Service is aimed at being fully distributed but the implementation at this stage only makes it possible to deploy a central LS where services can register

To publish your perfSONAR capabilities, deploy a Lookup Service

A unified looking glass for all networks

An interdomain looking glass makes it possible to retrieve, from a single application, information from routers located in different administrative domains. The looking glass queries telnet/SSH Measurement Points (MP). These MPs must be configured to relay the queries to the routers, using SSH or telnet. The telnet/SSH MP can be configured to accept only specific queries (or commands) to protect the network from malicious users.

To restrict telnet/SSH access to your network, download the telnet/SSH MP.