Navigating the pS Performance Toolkit interface

The perfSONAR Toolkit

The perfSONAR Toolkit features a graphical user interface to accomplish a number of tasks:

  • Configuration of the machine's administrative info for use in the directory service
  • Ability to configure tests, and assign these to specific interfaces on the machine
  • Visualizations of stored data
  • On-demand tests of select tools that can be used through a web interface.

The following sections highlight some of these features.  Note that a detailed guide to all functions is available on the perfSONAR documentation page:

Tactical Overview

When visiting the address or hostname of the perfSONAR node in a web browser, a view of all machine functionality and status is displayed.

From this view, the operator or a standard use can see:

  • The administrator of the node, and where it is physically located
  • Which communities the node is associated with
  •  The services, and specific ports they utilize, for the node.  If services are running, stopped, or disabled, this will also be conveyed
  • Versions of software that the host is running
  • Links that allow for the viewing of data, or running of web based tools.

This page is dynamically generated, and reflects the current status of the machine. 

Host Information via RESTful API

Starting with version 3.4, information on the local services page is also available via a RESTful API, replace HOSTNAME with the appropriate substitution:


When fetched, the information is structured in JSON format:

	ntp: {},
	location: {},
	meshes: [ ],
	services: [
			is_running: "disabled",
			addresses: [
			version: "",
			name: "ndt"
	toolkit_version: "3.4",
	keywords: [ ],
	toolkit_rpm_version: "3.4-26.pSPS",
	administrator: {},
	external_address: {
		ipv4_address: "HOSTNAME",
		address: "HOSTNAME",
		ipv6_address: null,
		mtu: 1500
	globally_registered: 0

Global Services

Please see Locating other Instances for more information on the directory service interface. 

Graphical Results of Measurements

An explanation of the perfSONAR graphs, new to version 3.4, can be found here:

Reverse Measurement Tools

The reverse Ping, Traceroute, and Tracepath pages allow a user to perform a traceroute from the web browser on the machine that opens them, to the perfSONAR server.  Additionally it is possible to have the server initiate a measurement to a hostname that the user supplies.

Note that these measurements use ICMP traffic, and in some cases results may not be possible of this is blocked. 

Traceroute Visualization

The Visual Traceroute tool is developed by the IEPM group at SLAC.  This tool will visualize traceroute data that the user supplies.

Administering the perfSONAR Toolkit

Detailed instructions for toolkit administration cab be found here: