Comparison with other systems

This page attempts to draw a comparison between perfSONAR and other popular performance monitoring and measurement systems. The summary may help to decide if perfSONAR will suit one needs. Although this description can be useful, first-hand experience is probably the best way to compare different systems.

  perfSONAR RIPE Atlas SamKnows NLNOG RING
Description Network measurement toolkit designed to provide federated coverage of network paths. It provides an interface that allows for the scheduling of measurements, storage of data and generate visualizations Active measurement network from the RIPE NCC. It consists of measurement probes that run measurements in the RIPE Atlas system and report results to the central data collection components Probes for the measuring end-user broadband performance (fixed-line and mobile). They execute a series of software tests over their broadband connection they are connected to. The results of these tests are reported securely up to hosted backend infrastructure. The infrastructure of (virtual) machines available to its participants. It offers ssh access to all servers which are part of the project to run custom scripts executing commands on all or a subset of the servers. These scripts run from own machine or from one of other nodes.
Type of measurements Throughput (TCP and UDP), RTT, One-way delay, One-way packet loss, Traceroute RTT to the first and second hops, Ping to predetermined destinations, Traceroute to predetermined destinations, DNS queries to root DNS servers, SSL queries to predetermined destinations Multi-threaded HTTP download speed, Multi-threaded HTTP based upload speed, Availability of the connection, Jitter, Latency (ICMP and UDP), Packet loss (ICMP and UDP), DNS query resolution time, DNS query failure rate, Web page loading time, Web page loading failure rate, Video streaming performance RTT, Traceroute, ssh and system tools from predetermined destinations to any other host
User-defined scheduled measurements yes

yes (limited by # of so called credits)

no no
On-demand measurements yes

yes (limited by # of credits)

no yes
Incoming measurements control yes no no no
Measurements target control between any pefSONAR host to predefined RIPE hosts, to other probe between predefined hosts between any RING host
Type of distribution software hardware software, hardware software
Measurement data storage distribution local or centralised centralised centralised N/A
Measurement data storage architecture data stored in user infrastructure data stored in service provider infrastructure data stored in service provider infrastructure N/A
Access to archive measurements local or central interface central web interface service central web interface service N/A