Project roadmap

perfSONAR Roadmap Process

The perfSONAR project roadmap is revised semi-annually based on feedback from project leaders and key community stakeholders.  The living version of this document can be found on the project wiki.

Development Timeline

  • 4.1 Beta Q2 2018
  • 4.1 Final Q3 2018

Release 4.1

Release 4.1 includes:

  • pSConfig - a refactored mesh-config software designed to be more extensible and easier to manage
  • TWAMP - a two-way latency and loss tool available on many routers
  • Official Docker Support
  • Basic task priorities in pScheduler

Legacy Release Support Schedule

With the the release of perfSONAR 4.0, the following dates are being announced related to the support of perfSONAR:

  • Q3 2018:
    • perfSONAR 4.1 released, will not be available for CentOS 6
    • BWCTL support dropped
  • Q4 2018: 
    • perfSONAR 4.0 end-of-life
    • CentOS 6 support officially dropped

A few takeaways from the above timeline:

  • You need to make plans to migrate from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 if you want to stay on a supported platform. This can NOT be done by auto-update, and requires a new install of CentOS 7. We provide tools to copy configuration and data from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 to help with the transition.