Requirements gathering

The perfSONAR collaboration uses feedback from a number of sources to determine our roadmap for future releases.

These sources include the following:

  • requests on the project issue tracker
  • annual user surveys sent to everyone on the user list
  • regular meetings with virtual organizations using perfSONAR such as the WLCG and OSG
  • regular meetings of the NTAC performance working group
  • discussions at various perfSONAR related workshops, such as OIN, FTW, and other similarly sponsored meetings.
  • discussions with various funding sponsors

Based on feedback and requests from all of the above, every 6-12 month the perfSONAR governance group meets to recommend and prioritize features based on:

  • impact to the community
  • level of effort required to implement and support
  • availability of someone with the right skill set for the task

During the requirements gathering activities we will solicit contributors to join an e-mail list that will be used to disseminate a candidate roadmap to the community for feedback.  This roadmap will then be refined based on this feedback to meet the community’s needs.