Version 3.5.1

Release Date

March 3, 2016


Updated Regular Testing Web UI

  • The web interface for defining regular tests has been updated. It not only conforms more closely to the new UI introduced in version 3.5, but also strives to make it easier to manage the tests running on the host.

Filename and Package Reorganization

  • In an attempt to further normalize filenames between RedHat and Debian, and to conform more closely to best common practices, a reorganization of the underlying file structure has taken place. Most configuration files can now be found in /etc/perfsonar. Package names have also been updated for RedHat and now generally start with the prefix perfsonar- instead of perl-perfSONAR_PS-. Likewise init scripts have been updated to have the perfsonar- prefix where applicable. For a complete listing of changes to files please see the document here
  • Note for upgraders: Despite the large number of path changes, all your existing configuration files should be migrated to the new location automatically with no manual intervention required.
  • Note for those running configuration management software: You will need to update you configuration management software of choice to use the new file paths. See this document for a full listing of files and their new locations

Esmond API updates

  • The esmond software has been updated to version 2.0 and uses some new libraries to handle API requests. These libraries are more robust and simplify a great number of operations. While most of the API is the same, there are a small number of backward incompatibilities in how data is written. There are no changes to the read operations, however. this means the following for our current users:
    • Toolkit and bundle users running a local MA should notice no difference since an update to regular testing should happen simultaneously. As long as you are running version 3.5.1 or newer of the perfsonar-regulartesting package no action will be needed.
    • Those running central measurement archive where clients push directly the the MA will need to coordinate an update of clients with an update to Esmond. There is no support for backward compatibilty so upgrading clients without upgrading the server or vice versa will lead to write failures.
    • Developers using the Python or Perl libraries for esmond simply need to update to the latest version of the code. No changes will be needed to your own code to support the change. It should aso be noted that there is now an RPM in yum and Debian package, libperfsonar-esmond-perl, that contains only the esmond client libraries

Debian 8 support

  • The perfsonar-tools and perfsonar-testpoint bundles are now available and fully supported on both Debian 7 and Debian 8, including upgrading an existing system from Debian 7 to Debian 8.

New Debian packages

  • The perfsonar-core and perfsonar-centralmanagement bundles are available as a beta offering for Debian 7 and Debian 8. These include previously unsupported packages such as esmond and MaDDash.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

Bundles and Shared Libraries

  • Renamed bundles in RedHat to match the Debian names.
  • Added the perfsonar-lsregistrationdaemon package to the perfsonar-centralmanagement bundle in both Debian and RedHat
  • Created the following new libraries which exist in boh RedHat and Debian (some existed previously in Debian):
    • libperfsonar-perl containing common perl utilities
    • libperfsonar-esmond-perl containing esmond Perl clients
    • libperfsonar-sls-perl containing Perl Lookup Service clients
    • libperfsonar-regulatesting-perl containing classes used for interacting with regular-testing
    • libperfsonar-toolit-perl containing classes used for interacting with the toolkit


  • Updated to BWCTL 1.6.0
  • Moved bwctld.conf and bwctld.limits to /etc/bwctl-server/bwctl-server.conf and /etc/bwctl-server/bwctl-server.limits respectively in both RedHat and Debian versions.
  • Renamed init script to bwctl-server
  • Added the -M option to support maximum segment size for iperf3 tests
  • Made iperf3 the default tool when no -T option is given to the bwctl command
  • Updates to support version 1.5 I2Util

Central Management

  • Updated file paths and names in puppet modules to match package reorganization


  • Updated to Esmond 2.0
  • Updated to Django 1.8
  • Migrated from TastyPie to Django REST Framework. This introduces two backward incompatibilities: Bulk data writes are now done using a PUT instead of a POST and the Authorization header sent when writing has some minor structural changes.


  • Moved graphs from URL /serviceTest to /perfsonar-graphs by default
  • Added dependency on new perfsonar-tracerouteviewer package to link works at top of graph
  • Changed packet loss units in test listing to be in scientific notation for very small values
  • Better sorting on test listing page. Try to detect local host and always make it source if possible
  • Fixed bug where no graph would display for any zoom level if initial zoom level had no data


  • Updated to I2Util 1.5
  • Included sys/time.h to get rid of warning message
  • Fixed mmap error checking


  • Updated to iperf3 3.1.2
  • Fix for NaN being reported for loss in some UDP tests. This was invalid JSON and led to parsing errors for tools like BWCTL

LS Cache Daemon

  • Updated file structure and names in RedHat to support new paradigm

LS Registration Daemon

  • Updated file structure and names in RedHat to support new paradigm
  • Got rid of string concatenation warning messages in logs
  • Init script now returns proper statuses on 'restart' and 'status' calls


  • Updated to MaDDash 1.3
  • Updated file structure and names in RedHat to support new paradigm
  • Updated Apache proxy config to more quickly recover when maddash-server goes down and comes back


  • Updated file structure and names in RedHat to support new paradigm
  • Fixed errors thrown when optional parameters like packet_interval and packet_padding are not included


  • Dropped support for perfSONARBUOY checks
  • Checks now installed in /usr/lib(64)/nagios/plugins like other nagios packages


  • Added support for storing measurements in Esmond
  • Added support for IPv6
  • Improved support for iperf3 BWCTL tests
  • Updated file structure and names in RedHat to support new paradigm


  • Updated to OWAMP 3.5.0
  • Moved owampd.conf and owampd.limits to /etc/owamp-server/owamp-server.conf and /etc/owamp-server/owamp-server.limits respectively in both RedHat and Debian versions.
  • Renamed init script to owamp-server


  • Created new perfsonar-tracerouteviewer package on RedHat and Debian that splits out existing display of traceroute results from the old Toolkit package
  • Removed old XML Traceroute MA support
  • Updated path to perfSONAR libraries
  • Graphs can be accessed under URL at /perfsonar-traceroute-viewer

Regular Testing

  • Updated file structure and names in RedHat to support new paradigm
  • Now setting -B for bwctl-based tests to the local host by default if local_address or local_interface are provided. This prevents default routes from sending control traffic out apotentiall undesired interface.
  • Added support for the control_address setting to BWCTL-based tests to set -B to an explicit value


  • New regular testing UI
  • Updated file structure and names in RedHat to support new paradigm
  • Add fields for registering host role and access policies to admin page
  • Improved form validation for latitude and longitude values
  • Improved form validation for non-ASCII values
  • More dynamic and responsive loading of test listing
  • In order to be consistent with defaults, NDT is no longer chosen when clicking "Select Bandwidth Services"
  • Fixes to ensure NTP is restarted on config changes made through GUI
  • Fixed issue with Administrative Info save button
  • Fixed problem where UDP bandwidth was stored in wrong units
  • Disabled RPCbind in chkconfig

Raw changes

Updated components: