Version 4.0rc1

Release Date

September 22, 2016 



  • A new scheduling infrastructure has been introduced in perfSONAR version 4.0 called pScheduler. pScheduler is a complete replacement for BWCTL with a number of new features requested by the community over the years.
  • Some major features of pScheduler include a plug-in architecture for running new types of tests, tools and archivers to store results. It also includes a REST API forscheduling new tasks as well as viewing what's currently scheduled.
  • If you interact with perfSONAR using just the web interface, everything underneath has been adapted to work with pScheduler, and you should notice very little change. For command-line users, there is a new set of commands but you should find it can do almost everything BWCTL as well as a a few new things
  • pScheduler introduces a new protocol but a number of mechanisms have been put in place to ensure backward compatibility when testing to and from systems on older version of the software. For one, all 4.0 hosts will be running a BWCTL server for the sole purpose of interacting with old clients. Likewise, pScheduler can detect if another pScheduler server is on the other end, and if not, fallback to a BWCTL test if needed.

New Graphs

  • This release contains new graphs based on the ESnet react charting libraries. The new graphs now stack different metrics for easier comparison without overloading axes. They also include a number of performance improvements over previous iterations of the graphs
  • The graphs can now be found at the URL http://your-host/perfsonar-graphs and visting http://your-host/perfsonar-graphs/graphWidget.cgi should redirect to the new location.

CentOS 7 Support

  • perfSONAR now officially supports CentOS 7. When available, the Toolkit ISOs will only be made available as CentOS 7. We will continue to support CentOS6 RPMs for this release, so existing CentOS 6 users will be able to auto-update.
  • CentOS 7 drops support for i386/i686 architectures and as a result there are only x86_64 versions of the CentOS 7 perfSONAR packages available

MaDDash 2.0

  • MaDDash has been integrated with the MaDAlert project developer by teh University of Michigan as a subproject of the PunDit project. This means MaDDash now supports customizable patterns that can be used to highlight common problems and generate alerts based on those.
  • MaDDash now natively supports email notifications that are generated based off of the alerts above. You can define the notifications you want sent in your maddash.yaml file.
  • A new more color-blind friendly palette is now the default for MaDDash. A visitor may also change the colors they see by using a new pull-down in the settings menu. This pulldown will save the choice in a cookie so the user sees the same colors on future visits in the same browser.

MeshConfig Admin GUI

  • An all-new GUI for developing mesh configurations has been developed which doesn’t require hand-editing of the configuration file. The new system produces configuration specific to each host.

Expanded Role of MeshConfig Agent

  • In previous releases perfSONAR contained a regular-testing component for executing locally defined tests and a meshconfig-agent for reading remote meshes. In 4.0, these roles have been combined in the new perfsonar-meshconfig-agent daemon to streamline test management. The new daemon will monitor both remote meshes and a local configuration file for changes, and submit tasks to pScheduler as needed.
  • Restarts are no longer required when new tests are added and there is no longer a nightly cron job required to detect changes to remote meshes. Local changes will automatically be detected within a few seconds and remote mesh changes will be picked-up within an hour by default.
  • The /etc/perfsonar/regulartesting.conf file has been moved to /etc/perfsonar/meshconfig-agent-tasks.conf file as part of these changes. For upgraders, this file should be moved to its new loction automatically and any previously-defined tests or archives should be maintained in the transition.

NDT and Web100 No Longer Included by Default

  • Starting with this release, new installs on all supported operating systems will not get NDT and the Web100 kernel by default. We will continue to provide Web100 kernels for perfSONAR 3.5.1 while it is still in its support window (6 months after the final release of 4.0). At that time we will discontinue maintenance of the web100 kernel and since NDT requires web100, that will not be supported either. We will be providing more communication on this decision and timeline through our user lists and on the web site.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

Bundles and Shared Libraries

  • Added pScheduler to bundles
  • Removed NDT from bundles
  • Packaging support for CentOS 7
  • Added pScheduler Perl client


  • CentOS 7 packaging and systemd scripts

Central Management



  • On CentOS 6, esmond now runs under Apache 2.4 from CentOS SCL with a reverse proxy from the standard apache to the custom setup. This removes the need for a custom python27-mod_wsgi module that was the source of numerous headaches.
  • Esmond now requires the selection of an esmond-database package. Thiis can either be esmond-database-postgresql (what was supported in previous versions) or esmond-database-postgresql95 which support postgresql 9.5 as provided by SCL. The latter will be used on toolkit systems also running pScheduler. Any existing metadta will be automatically migrated.
  • Support for the pscheduler-raw event type


  • CentOS 7 packaging
  • Updates to support modern autoconf
  • Fix that defines SYSLOG_NAMES for only one source file

LS Cache Daemon

  • CentOS 7 packaging and systemd scripts

LS Registration Daemon

  • Support for pScheduler registration
  • CentOS 7 packaging and systemd scripts


  • CentOS 7 packaging
  • Added support for mapped parameters
  • Updated many library dependencies to latest version, including requiring java 1.7
  • Added packaging so new perfSONAR graphs get used in place of old graphs


  • CentOS 7 packaging and systemd scripts
  • Added perfsonar-meshconfig-agent startup script that detects changes faster and consolidates old regulartesting functionality
  • pScheduler support


  • CentOS 7 packaging and systemd scripts


  • CentOS 7 packaging and systemd scripts
  • Updated service listing to show pScheduler and meshconfig-agent. Also sorted them
  • Firewalld now used on CentOS 7
  • Added additional host details to main page

Raw changes

Updated components: