Released February 6, 2018

Detailed Bug Fixes and Changes


  • The pscheduler packages were updated to version
  • It includes a fix for a bug that was causing exclusive pscheduler tests to overlap in some situations if a certain race condition was met

Bundles and Shared Libraries

  • The bundle packages were updated to version
  • These packages were updated to increase the default open file limit in ulimits to 4096 for users that run the perfSONAR services. This should help with hosts that had many OWAMP tests running and were running into issues with too many open files. This change currently only applies to CentOS and not the Debian packages.


  • perfsonar-graphs was updated to version
  • The perfsonar-graphs package was updated to use jquery 3.0 to be inline with latest security updates from jquery.


  • The perfsonar-toolkit packages were updated to version
  • Updated reverse_traceroute.cgi to version 7.3

Raw changes

Updated components: