Released August 27, 2018

Bug Fixes and Changes

Perl Shared Libraries

  • Corrected schema files used to validate old MeshConfig files to be less strict about location and administrator field requirements. This solves issues where pSConfig agents could not read old files because they could not validate them.
  • Fixed timeout handling race condition that could lead to unhandled SIGALRM that quietly stops pSConfig daemons
  • Corrected issue that caused Toolkit WebUI to sometimes choose a link local IPv6 address for tests


  • Improved propagation of debug and logging state between processes.
  • Removed extraneous validation of BWCTL tests that made things difficult for tasks with specific binding requirements
  • Fixed file descriptior issue that coulkd prevent pScheduler from connecting to the database is some cases


  • Updated schema documents to reflect changes in the perl shared libraries


  • Fixed syntax errors in migration scripts

Raw changes

Updated components: