Released September 13, 2018

Bug Fixes and Changes

Perl Shared Libraries

  • Fixed issue with translation of MeshConfig to pSConfig where a default slip was not set unless the MeshConfig format had explicitly set a slip or random_start_percentage. For many users this led to an inability to run throughput tests since a time-slot could not be found. The translation will now set a default slip equal to the test-interval.


  • Fixed issue where latency values were not displayed correctly if a bucket-width other than .001 was given


  • Fixed issue where new Toolkit installs did not open data ports for iperf3, iperf, nuttcp or simplestreamer in firewall because those ports ranges previously came from the no-longer installed BWCTL config file.
  • The migration script used to move from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7 now runs the configure_esmond command to make sure the auth-token in configuration files is consistent with the database


  • Version was increased with no other changes in order to force a restart of agents so they will pick up changes in perl shared libraries


  • Version increase for package consistency

Raw changes

Updated components: