Released October 24, 2018

Bug Fixes and Changes


  • Fixed default limits file for new installs that would limit TCP throughput traffic to 50Mbps.


  • Updates to make changes to selinux with respect to log files permanent. This fixes issue for standalone installs where logs could not be written.


  • Fixed issue where toolkit test listing page would show latency numbers a factor of 10 or more higher than actually observed. This was caused by using no-default values for bucket-width in latency tests. The listing now incorporates the value of this field correctly.
  • Improved handling of mixed content errors when graphs are loaded in an environment using both http and https

LS Cache Daemon

  • Added explicit requirement of LWP::Protocol::https to rpm
  • Updated default hints file to use https
  • Updated client to follow https redirect from http


  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception caused by a race condition when reloading the configuration


  • Fixed TWAMP display issue where sender and receiver addresses were swapped
  • Updated TWAMP protocol handler to properly reject test if port cannot be determined
  • Fix to retrieve port number even if host lookup fails
  • Fixed unit tests to compile against libssl 1.1.0+

Perl Shared Libraries

  • Fixed issue where pSConfig pScheduler agent would not create tests if case of “address” fields in template did not match case returned by reverse DNS lookup.
  • Fixed issue where communities and host lists would not load in Toolkit GUI because hints was getting redirected to https. It will now follow the redirect if required and defaults to https so not necessary.


  • Made schedule plotter handle time zones in a uniform and correct way.
  • Fixed command-line output to sort histogram buckets of latency tests
  • Fixed exception handling when there is a jq error during archiving
  • Fixed error with esmond archiver when the “reference” field is not set in task
  • Fixed error where non-zero status returned from archiver led to excessive retries

Raw changes

Updated components: