Released November 26, 2018

Bug Fixes and Changes

Perl Shared Libraries

  • Fixed issue where an update to the perl-Mojolicious package broke all Perl clients using https. This included the graphs, pSConfig and checks run by MaDDash.


  • Fixed issue where auto-updates were re-enabled on update of perfsonar-toolkit package if yum-cron was not disabled with systemctl disable yum-cron but instead just /etc/yum/yum-cron.conf file was modified
  • Fixed issue where files under /usr/lib/perfsonar/web-ng/etc were replaced on update


  • Fixed issue where attenpts to point the graphs at an esmond instance running https complained about a missing perl-LWP-Protocol-https dependency
  • Fixed issue where using https to access esmond returned a “write error”.


  • Fixed bracketing of IPv6 address in URLs when the address is included in the URL as the result of a template varible expansion.

Raw changes

Updated components: