Released December 17, 2018

Bug Fixes and Changes


  • Re-organized how SSL ciphers are set in apache configuration to preserve manual changes to ciphers in future updates. This particular update will still overwrite manual changes to implement the new strategy, but will be the last release to do so. All subsequent releases will leave any changes to ssl.conf alone on update. This update puts the perfSONAR recommended values in /etc/httpd/conf.d/apache-perfsonar-security.conf. This file should be left alone and manual changes should be put in the VirtualHost section of /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf. Since these values are scoped local to the VirtualHost, they will take precedence over the perfSONAR values.
  • Removed system user migration from backup and restore scripts. This is because UIDs are numbered differently between CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 and was failing in most cases anyways.

pSConfig/Perl Shared Libraries

  • Updated conversion of MeshConfig to pSConfig to translate MeshConfig groups of type “star” to a pSConfig group of type “disjoint” with the center-address becoming the sole member in a-members and the rest going into b-members. Previously the translation did not convert star groups.
  • Updated conversion of MeshConfig to pSConfig to translate a MeshConfig toolkit_url property with the value “auto” to the expanded toolkit URL before converting to pSConfig.


  • Corrected a problem with participant selection for trace tests when backward compatibility with BWCTL was involved.
  • Better error handling for invalid hostnames in tests with a source and/or destination
  • Improved the safety of the restore process.
  • Improved the way certain failures in post-run processing are handled.
  • Correctly throw an error when powstream tool is asked to set ip-tos value since it is unsupported by underlying powstream command-line tool

Raw changes

Updated components: