Released October 3, 2019

Bug Fixes and Changes

LS Registration Daemon

  • Fixed issue that prevented daemon from starting when running under SELinux
  • Cleaned up case when trying to re-regster a service without a key


  • Made OWAMP cron job that cleans session files less noisy when there is nothing to clean
  • Fixed OWAMP cleaner cron on Debian

Perl Shared Libraries

  • In HTTP client libraries, errors now include HTTP body if present in addition to status line


  • Fixed case where pscheduler result command returned stack trace when querying non-lead participant
  • Fixed error that cause iperf3 tests to sometimes report Exception not enough arguments for format string
  • Fixed Debian issue with pscheduler-bwctl* packages were not disabled

pSConfig Web Administrator (PWA)

  • Added ability to import existing pSConfig files
  • Updated publisher documentation


  • Fixed issue on Debian/Ubuntu where reverse_traceroute.cgi did not have exec bit set


  • Reduced Docker image size by cleaning yum cache
  • Docker image only exposes perfSONAR ports now and no longer require image to run in privileged mode

Raw changes

Updated components: