Released February 27, 2020

Bug Fixes and Changes


  • Updated Django to 1.11.28


  • Fixed locking of run table in PostgreSQL that was causing non-starter tasks
  • Fixed issue in esmond archiver that would cause failures if measurement-agent was null
  • Fixed post-installation issues related to selinux
  • Improved diagnostic messages included with non-starter tasks
  • Fixed error message for httpd-wsgi package when httpd could not be found
  • Updated test-related fields in JSON passed to archiver to be more consistent
  • Fixed issue in esmond archiver where ‘No type set for raw record’ was reported


  • Updated psconfig-publisher RPM to enable httpd on install
  • Better error handling in MaDDash Agent when an invalid group is encountered
  • Added plugins to maddash-agent that were not being installed by RPM

pSConfig Web Administrator (PWA)

  • Updated pwa_admin CLI userlist command to output valid JSON
  • Update pwa_admin CLI to set password interactively
  • Updated NPM dependencies
  • Fixed trace test specification so it correctly uses the probe-type field
  • Fixed trace test specification to use length instead of packet-size
  • Updated headers in REST API
  • Added ability to set scope with pwa_auth command
  • Added ability to see single user with pwa_auth command


  • Fixed configurable privacy policy link to appear on the Toolkit homepage

Raw changes

Updated Components