Released November 19, 2020


Debian 10 Support

  • Support for Debian 10 was added in this release. For more information see our documentation.

Bug Fixes and Changes


  • Improved the way HTTP/DNS graphs query esmond to be more efficient and include all results

Nagios checks

  • Updated check_esmond to python3
  • Fixed RPM dependency issue that was requiring python2 libraries and block installation of centralmanagement bundle
  • Fixed Debian dependency that was missing python3 libraries


  • Disabled duplicate log rotation in python2 and python3 version of pscheduler library
  • Fixed parsing issue with TWAMP datetimes

pSConfig Web Administrator (PWA)

  • Fixed issue where PWA Docker container was not listening on IPv6
  • Fixed issue where publisher hangs when no configuration is defined
  • Improved wording about the Verify SSL option
  • Improved wording and layout of raw archiver JSON input
  • Removed maps that were no longer functioning corrrectly and slowing down interface. Will explore new maps in future.


  • Fixed summary table to use minimum for latency values to be consistent with graphs

Raw changes

Updated components: