Released May 19, 2021


Throughput test support for loopback tests

  • Added support to loopback (destination on same host) throughput tests to iperf2, nuttcp and ethr tools.

Added support for AS to limits

  • Added a ip-cymru-asn identifier to the limit system that checks if the requester’s IP is within a list of autonomous system numbers (ASNs).

Graphs Archive Whitelist

  • Added support for configuring a list of measurement archives the graphs and tracerouteviewer are allowed to contact. Instructions for configuring can be found here.

New-from-the-ground-up RabbitMQ archiver.

  • Added a timeout parameter to govern how long the RabbitMQ archiver will wait for RabbitMQ before giving up.

Other Bug Fixes and Changes


  • Removed support for the psurl tool, which has been superseded by the curl tool.
  • pScheduler services are now more-closely managed by systemd, and failures can be found by consulting journalctl.
  • Added the ability for the batch processor to default to using another host as lead when none is specified.
  • Improved ability of services to continue working when unable to start new threads.
  • Made the schedule plotter part of the REST API
  • Better handle iperf3 tool test failures by looking at results on both ends
  • Changed ethr to default to port 5201 to match other tools
  • Fixed cpu affinity options for throughput tests using iperf3 and nuttcp tools.
  • Added –reverse-connections switch for nuttcp throughput tests
  • Added –traverse-nat option to latency test which translates to -Z in twping


  • Added support for contexts on single-ended tests
  • Added check to make sure pScheduler references valid objects and can fallback to cache if something is incorrect.
  • Fixed bug where archives only differing by private fields would lead pSConfig to recreate tasks on every run.

pSConfig Web Administrator (PWA)

  • Fixed selecting “traceroute(default)” results in bwctltraceroute as an option

Raw changes

Updated components: