Released April 17, 2023


perfSONAR 5.0 is dedicated to the memory of Michael Johnson, who was a long-time contributor, colleague and friend.

Features/Highlighted Changes

New OpenSearch Archive Replaces Esmond

  • perfSONAR has removed the Esmond software and now provides support for OpenSearch. Existing data will NOT be migrated on update. Data will still live on disk and details on viewing old Esmond data can be found here.

  • Note that hosts running perfsonar-centralmanagement or standalone Esmond instances will not be auto-upgraded. 5.0.0 clients can still write to Esmond so they should operate until administrators choose to migrate.

  • Details on running a central OpenSearch instance can be found here. This includes how to run in parallel with a legacy Esmond intance.

  • Details on using Grafana with your new perfSONAR 5.0 installation can be found here.

  • Additional details on the update can be found here.

Check your pScheduler Limits

  • The “test” limit is no longer supported in perfSONAR 5.0. If you are using the default Toolkit limits file, then there is no action required. If you have made any changes to your limits file, then you will need to manually update them. pScheduler will stop running on update if your limits are not valid! Run the helper script here to check your limits.

New pScheduler Plug-ins

  • This version adds the following new pScheduler test plugins:
    • MTU (See pscheduler task mtu –help for more info )
    • pScheduler Response Time (See pscheduler task psresponse –help for more info )
    • WiFi BSSID Scan (See pscheduler task wifibssid –help for more info)
    • 802.1x Authentication (See pscheduler task dot1x –help for more info)
    • DHCP Response Time (See pscheduler task dhcp –help for more info)
  • This version adds the following new pScheduler tool plugins:
    • halfping - tests latency by halving the return value of the round-trip time as determined by ping. (Run pscheduler task –tool halfping latency … to use)
  • This version adds the following new pScheduler archiver plugins:
    • postgresql - Inserts results into a column in a table
    • tcp - Opens a connection to a TCP port, send result, disconnect
    • udp - Sends results in datagrams (those that will fit in them)

Ubuntu 20 Support

  • All bundles are now available on Ubuntu 20.

ISO image no longer available

  • The ISO image is NOT available starting with perfSONAR 5.0.0. Users can install their operating system of choice and install the perfsonar-toolkit bundle to get the same result.

Note about OS support

  • perfSONAR 5.0.0 is available on CentOS 7, Debian 10, Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 20. We expect additional OSes including Alma8/EL8, Alma9/EL9, Debian 11 and Ubuntu 22 to be available in coming weeks.

Other Bug Fixes and Changes


  • The centralmanagement bundle is no longer supported. See the perfsonar-archive package.
  • Removed esmond dependencies and replaced with perfsonar-archive.
  • The testpoint package now includes the JSON web service with host details that is used by many in the community for host monitoring. This was previously bundled with the toolkit.


  • Overhauled internal services to take advantage of more processor cores and overcome some of Python’s multithreading limitations.
  • All DNS-related behavior has been redone to comply with RFC 6724 or whatever the system’s resolver is configured to do.
  • Corrected a bug in the iperf2 tool plugin that caused UDP measurements to be made with TCP.
  • Removed support for the test limit in the limit system.
  • Added the ability for the batch processor to use a jq transform on job results to determine whether or not to proceed with the next job.
  • Enhanced the Kafka archiver to add support for SSL connections, Kafka retries and an archiver ID to help identify the source in Kafka’s server-side logs.
  • If no nameserver parameter is supplied in a dns test, the dnspy tool divides the length of the timeout parameter evenly among the number of resolvers configured on the system. This is a behavior change from earlier versions.
  • Added verify-ssl option to the HTTP archiver.


  • The configure-archives option now defaults to “true”. This means you no longer need the “–configure-archives” option when running “psconfig remote add”. There is a “–no-configure-archives” if you need the old behavior.


  • Removed esmond references on UI and replaced with perfSONAR archive.
  • Fixed issue with services shown as not running when SELinux is enabled.
  • Updated default limits to match new pscheduler format for “test” limit type.
  • Added logout button to main header.
  • Added page to view the pScheduler schedule plot.

Raw changes

Updated components: