Released July 26, 2023

Bug Fixes and Changes


  • Fixed issue where elmond was not properly enabled in Debian/Ubuntu package.
  • Fixed SELinux issue with perfsonar-archive package on EL systems
  • Capped auto-calculated heap size for Opensearch to 8G. Previously used 50% no matter the memory. Now will use 50% of memory on hosts with 16G of memory, but will not for beyond 8G for hosts beyond that.
  • Added missing read permission to anonymous user that is needed by Grafana


  • Added string version of tracroute IPs, ASes and orgs for easier display


  • Fixed issue with missing perl-Mo package on Debian installs


  • Updated to iperf3 3.14
  • Fixed bug in iperf3 tool where process cleanup code would delay the start of iperf3 server and client side could not connect


  • Added link to pScheduler Plot Schedule from the test configuration page

Raw changes

Updated components: