Released December 12, 2023

Bug Fixes and Changes


  • Added automatic restart attempts to both Opensearch and Logstash in systemd unit files.

Lookup Service Registration Daemon

  • Fixed issue in Debian/Ubuntu where lsregistrationdaemon.conf file would be moved on update if it had any changes from the default file. If you run into this issue perform the following:
    cp /etc/perfsonar/lsregistrationdaemon.conf.dpkg-bak /etc/perfsonar/lsregistrationdaemon.conf
    systemctl restart perfsonar-lsregistrationdaemon


  • The PID file is now managed by systemd. This fixes issue where the maddash-server service would go into a failed state on update.


  • Updated systemd unit files to more reliably restart pscheduler services when postgresql restarts. This solves an issue where tests would all enter “Missed” state when postgresql was restarted.


  • Removed dependency on nscd and replaced with systemd-resolved for local DNS caching. This solves issue where IPv6 tests would fail because nscd would return bad results when performing IPv6 lookups.

Raw changes

Updated components: